The Mondial Tours Group, founded by Mrs. Mariama Satina DIALLO SY, former Minister of Tourism, Hotels and Crafts of the Republic of Guinea, operates mainly in the sectors of travel, hospitality, catering, events, transport and logistics.

Mondial Tours

Mondial Tours, the Group’s first entity, has been a travel, tourism and event agency since 1994. It has also been the first IATA accredited agency in the Republic of Guinea since 1997.

Its main activity is the sale of airline tickets on behalf of airlines for all destinations around the world. It provides its loyal customers access to its Nimba VIP lounge at the departure terminal of Conakry Gbessia International Airport. Mondial Tours takes care of all the bookings of flights, hotels and car rentals.

Mondial Tours is also a member of the FlyAfrika Network, first network of its kind which allows to satisfy all customers for all destinations.

A main activity of Mondial Tours is the organisation of events: provision of hostesses, the organisation of festivals and professional catering service.

Nimba Plus

Nimba Plus is a freight and transit company. She is the exclusive representative of the multinational UPS in the Republic of Guinea.

Its activities consist in the import and export of parcels and express couriers, transit, sea, land and air freight.

Nimba Plus is present in the eight (8) administrative regions of Guinea, with its accelerated local mail. Nimba Plus Express is a major player in the fast-moving and express shipping market.


Restaurant Africana, located in the centre of Kaloum near the Anglican Church, first opened its doors in 1999. It offers African and European dishes to customers, professionals working in the business centre of the capital. Africana also offers a delivery service on the Kaloum peninsula, as well as a catering service.

Nimba VIP Lounge

Located at the departure terminal of Conakry Gbessia International Airport, the Nimba VIP Lounge offers a pleasant setting drinks and a buffet to the business class customers of the airlines in a very cosy and pleasant setting.

Délices d’Africana

It’s a complex that includes a pastry and bakery, a fast food restaurant, a renowned gourmet restaurant, a high-quality catering service and a meeting / conference room.

Les Eaux de Kilissi

“Les Eaux De Kilissi”, a 22-hectare eco-tourism wonderland with a micro climate, natural pools, waterfalls and a resort complex in Kindia 150 km from the capital.


Institute of Tourism, Gastronomy and Arts, ITGA currently being established, offers quality education to Guinean youth and professionals in the sector.

DESCOM Communication Agency

Event communication specialising in the design and production of image advertising campaigns (t-shirts, caps, signs, flyers, totems, kakemonos, key rings, calendars, safety stickers …).


Mrs. Mariama Satina Diallo SY

President Director General

Welcome to the Republic of Guinea, Groupe Mondial Tours is at your service.


The Republic of Guinea

Country of 245 857 square km, presents more than 300 km of maritime frontage and counts more than 1000 rivers. A tropical country located in West Africa, the variety of landscapes, cultures and climates in the 4 natural regions that compose it gives visitors an opportunity of delight that they will not easily find everywhere.

These natural regions are: Maritime Guinea (Lower Guinea) a coastal plain running north to south behind the coast; the pastoral Fouta Djallon highlands (Middle Guinea); the northern savanna (Upper Guinea); and a southeastern rain-forest region (Forest Guinea).

According to the 2016-2020 National Economic and Social Development Plan (PNDES), the tertiary sector accounts for around 44% of GDP for more than a third of national jobs. And young people under 35 represent 70% of the 11 million inhabitants!